4 Home Decor Trends That Are In Right Now

Some trends stay for a long time, and some just last for a season, but trends are constantly changing and evolving. If you are looking to keep up with home decor trends this year, and spruce up your home a little bit, look no further!

Grey, Grey, All The Grey
The whole 'everything grey' trend has been around for a good few years now, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere! It's very chic and modern, the key is to use lots of different tones of grey. Whether you opt for a neutral colour, or a light grey wall colour and just compliment with grey accessories and furniture, the choice is yours. It's a very on trend yet timeless look for any home.

Vintage Touches
I'm talking vintage quilts, chandeliers, 1800-1900 inspired decor. The key is to add a few more simple pieces, a little nod to vintage interiors as opposed to having a full theme. Vintage home-wares are a wonderful way of bringing real character, uniqueness and charm to your home. An up-cycled arm chair, a gorgeous hardwood dining table and chairs, or something delicate paintings could be the perfect touch and would work perfectly in an otherwise modern home.

Colourful Kitchens
Kitchens are set for a bright and beautiful revamp this year! It's time to ditch those monochrome cabinets and replace them with lots of vibrant colours for a quirky new look and and a great little addition to your home. Paint those dull kitchen cabinets your favourite colour, add some bright appliances and colourful utensils and your kitchen will be the place to be!

Spotless Perfection
I firmly believe this trend has become popular since a certain 'cleaning instagrammer' became popular! It's all about having a perfect, spotless, light and airy home. Minimalist and simple is the key, with little pretty touches in neutral white and grey tones. Bare in mind though, if you are looking for spotless perfection, you are going to spend a lot of time cleaning!

What is your favourite Home Decor Trend this year?