How To Encourage Your Children To Tidy Up After Themselves

Tidying up and doing general household chores is not just down to the adults in the home. I'm a firm believer in the family unit. It's all about all being equal members of the family, and therefore everyone needs to contribute to it.

It's also a really good enough to encourage your children to clean up after themselves, even from a young age! My 1 year old is really good at tidying up after herself now!

One of the most important factors to think about is, have they got too much stuff?! Because we all know children have a lot of toys, and the more they have, the messier you home can get! My three do have a lot of toys, but we switch them around a lot meaning some are stored under their beds, some in the attic, but the majority of them are neatly stored away in the main living area.

Each child has their own storage space for their toys, which helps make the tidying up so much easier! So another key point - make sure everything has a place! How do you expect them to know how to tidy up if there isn't anywhere for their things to go!?

Creating a routine is hugely important too, so it'll soon become second nature. Whether it's setting a timer for a 'quick tidy up' every 15 minutes, or having a morning/afternoon and evening clean up - setting and keeping that routine means everyone knows where they stand and what to expect!

Last but not least, try to make it fun, rather than a boring repetitive chore. We always always have music on when it's time to tidy up, sometimes we set a timer to see how quickly they can get their toys away too! I recommend having a look for 'tidy up songs for kids' on Youtube or Spotify! Even better if you can find a playlist with their favourite TV characters!

Do your children help with tidying up?