How To Give Your Family A Happy Home

Your family is one of the most important things in your entire life. The ones who will always be there for you, the ones who look up to you and bring joy into your life. The ones who need you for comfort and support. Family is the most important thing.

So it's only right you'd want to give your family a happy, welcoming, comfortable and relaxing place to live. Our homes are an extension of who we are. Our personalities, what we like, our moods and influences are all displayed in our homes. So by adjusting little habits and aspects of our daily lives, adding a few simple touches to our home - we can create a loving, happy environment for our families and ourselves.

Spend Quality Time With Each Member Of Your Family
It's so important to make time for each member of your family, not just 'your kids' or 'your husband', but each person individually. It doesn't have to be a huge day out, or gesture either. Half an hour here or there, giving them your undivided attention. Perhaps you could snuggle up under a cover with one child and spend some time reading, or you could have a chat about TV shows with your teenage, or even having the 'night off' and binge watching Netflix with your husband!

Talk To Each Other Every Day
90% of the time, we have dinner around our dining table, it's the perfect opportunity to just enjoy each others company and chat about your day. What's been the highlight of your day, what would you like to do tomorrow. Let your children unwind and talk to you about anything and everything.

Show Your Love And Appreciation
We are a very loving family, and that's exactly how my children have been brought up. Knowing their parents always there for cuddles no matter what. Knowing they can come to us about anything if they need to, knowing that kindness, care and appreciation are so incredibly important in a family.

Add Some Sentimental Touches
Clutter and unimportant material items are a no-no. Instead, try to keep your home organised with storage and add a few little sentimental touches to your home. Sentimental items will help create positive energy in your home, little mementos of fun experiences or treasured moments in your life, items that will make you smile whenever you look at them. Display those positive memories!

Try To Reduce The Clutter
Many of us aspire to have these beautiful, minimalist homes, but with children it's just not realistic! All we can do is try to reduce the clutter! A messy, overfilled home isn't a calm or relaxing place to be. Why not invest in some useful storage options such as a Kallax, baskets or under-bed storage? Also, in our home I like to use a method called 'one in one out' meaning nothing new comes into our home without donating something first! This works particularly well with children's toys or my clothing!

Update Your Colour Scheme
Colours can absolutely have an effect on your mood, so why not spruce up you home with a new lick of paint? Yellow supposedly promotes happiness and blue promotes calm and relaxation.