How To Simplify Your Kitchen

Some may say the kitchen is the heart of the home, it definitely is for us at the moment! With cooking, baking, homeschooling, crafts and meal times all taking place in the kitchen right now! It's important to keep the areas of your home you use the most as clean and clutter free as possible, or it will just all build up on you.

So I'm sharing some tips today on how to simplify your kitchen!

Clear The Counters
Don't think simplifying means having nothing on your counters, it doesnt. If you have a family home there's absolutely no way you can last having nothing on your counter tops, but try and minimise it a bit. If there's utensils you never use, you don't need them. Mugs you don't like, you don't need them! Have a good think about what appliances you use on a daily basis and those are the ones that can stay on the counters, all other appliances you use regularly but not every day can be stored away.

Sort Out Those Cupboards
Take one kitchen cupboard at a time, and literally pull everything out of it. Clean the inside and really think about what you need to put back in there. Expired food - nope. Appliances you've used once and put to the back - nope. Fancy cleaning products you don't use - nope. Sell appliance, recycle what you can, donate what you cant and throw away as little as possible, but put it all back neatly. Then move on to the next cupboard!

Cut Down On The Plastic
I'm sure we are all guilty of having too much plastic in their homes sometimes! I'm terrible at keeping plastic containers and then losing the lids! Or having the lids but no matching container. There's absolutely no point in keeping them, so only keep what you need and make sure you have a way of storing them away neatly.

Minimise The Dinnerware
This is something we did a while ago and it truely saves so much space! Surely you don't need 20 extra glasses, 10 extra mugs, 14 extra plates and bowls - unless you are regularly hosting large dinner parties! We have 2 of each thing per person in this house - with 5 people, this allows for guests to use them too if needed.

Stop Keeping Items 'For Special Occasions'
That beautiful serving platter, the fancy gold plated cutlery, those gorgeous delicate glasses that you are saving for a special occasion, or when you have a VIP popping over - don't do it! Life's too short to be saving things for special occasions - so use them or lose them!

Dont Go Overboard With The Decor

Sure, some people love having their kitchens covered in art work, motivational quotes or even houseplants! But the more 'things' you have in your kitchen, the more cramped and cluttered it would feel. Are you just adding pieces of decor because you think you should? Your kitchen needs to be a practical but clean environment - think about it this way, the more 'things' you have, the more things you have to dust and clean on a regular basis!

The kitchen is such an important, and well used space so it's important to make it work for you and your family. You need to feel happy, positive and uplifted in your kitchen. If you have too much stuff, too much clutter, too much decor, it's going to have a negative affect on your mood and will become frustrating and impractical.

There's no time like to present to declutter and simplify your kitchen to make sure it's working for you and your family.

Do you need to simplify your kitchen?


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