Ideas For Updating Your Home For The Summer

Summer is here and it's time to prepare for the warmer weather and brighten up your home! I'm not talking about a full on makeover put a few little touches here and there can really make a difference to the look of your home, and help it feel lighter and more inviting.

Bring Fresh Flowers Into Your Home
There's nothing better than having fresh flowers in your home! They look beautiful, they smell amazing and they help lift your mood too! So why not pick a gorgeous bunch from your garden, or treat yourself to a bouquet at the shop? Display them beautifully on your dining table, coffee table or counter and I guarantee they will make you smile every time you see them!

Switch Up Your Curtains
The colder weather has passed, and if you've still got your heavy, thick, blackout curtains up - it's definitely time to change that! Switch them up for lighter, airy, thin curtains or even a voile. It's such a easy thing to switch up, and will help keep the hot air out but will bring all the light and sunshine into your home!

Add A Few Pops Of Colour
Personally, I seem to have a bit of a fruit theme in my home during the warmer months. It's a nice little theme and it's a great way to bring some colour in too! You don't have to have a theme though if you don't want, just adding a gorgeous bright piece of artwork, bright fresh flowers or a few little colourful accessories can be so simple, but have so much impact! Plus, it'll give you all the Summer vibes!

Rearrange Your Furniture
We switch up our furniture so much in this house, but especially during the Winter/Summer transition. During the Winter we have our living room sofa's far away from the window, and closer together, to create a more cosy vibe - whereas during the Summer months, we put one of the sofas directly underneath the window and it's definitely the most comfortable and cool places to relax during the warmer weather days!

Add Some Summery Scents
Whether you like to use natural scents such as flowers, or you prefer candles and wax melts, or even room sprays - it's time to switch up those scents to give off a more Summery vibe! Citrus fruits such as Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit are always my go to, but floral scents such as lavender or rose would be gorgeous too! Or, if you prefer, you could go for a more - fresh, spring cleaning vibe using cotton or 'fresh linen' scents!

How do you like to update your home for the Summer?