Tips & Tricks For Creating A Beautiful Photo Wall

There's something so unique, beautiful and personal about a having a photo wall in your home. It's a gorgeous way to display personal photos or artwork with making your home feel too cluttered or having pictures all over the place!

Another benefit of the photo wall is you can easily switch the photos if you want to change the look of your display! Photo walls can look complicated to create though, so I'm sharing some easy tips & tricks to help you get started today!

Choose The Wall Wisely
Make sure you pick the wall you want to use wisely, think about if the art you will be displaying is suitable for that particular room. Is the wall big enough for the amount of pictures you have? Is the wall neutral or plain coloured so it doesn't look too busy, and is it clean and prepped ready to go?

Pick A Theme
Having a theme is important! Will you be displaying a selection of motivational art? Just family photos? Black and white images? Beautiful artwork, accessories? Or will it be a unique, eclectic mix? I also love the idea of having a really specific themed photo wall - for example, a really special holiday or maybe even your wedding!

Place Biggest In The Centre
Have a look through your frames and start to plan your layout. A fantastic tip i've learnt is, always place the biggest in the middle of the gallery wall and work your way out. 

Arrange Before You Place
Talking about planning your layout, whatever you do, don't just start hanging your pictures wherever you want! Think about the positioning and layout carefully. I like to arrange all my pieces on the floor, even if it's just the frames for now and take a photo so you have a plan in mind!

Use Paper Templates
Last but not least, the best tip I can give you is to use paper templates! Using newspaper, or large pieces of scrap paper, draw and cut out templates of each of your frames. Using your layout you have already planned, use making tape to stick your paper templates up on the wall, exactly where you'd like the frames to go. Then you can hammer in your nails (or whatever you are using) in exactly the right place, peel off the masking tape and hang up your frames! You should then be able to just tear the paper off from behind and you're all good to go!

Have you got a photo gallery wall in your home?