Personalising Your Space With Homemade Decor

*This is a collaborative post

Creating your own decor to put up in your home is a great way of personalizing your space, putting your own unique stamp on it. Using your skills, or perhaps trying out a new craft is a fantastic and creative way of making more home more beautiful, and more you!

I've always loved making my own home decor, whether it's a pretty autumnal garland to celebrate the season or a bright and bold piece of painted artwork - there are so many crafts to choose from, and so many ideas to try!

DIY home decor is a great way of adding a few unique touches to your home without having to spend loads of money. No need to splash out on expensive pieces when you can pick up some craft supplies for next to nothing, or even nothing if you already have plenty of supplies at home!

If you type in 'home decor' into a search engine, some of the top responses are "how can I make my home more beautiful without having much money?" or "how can I afford to make my home feel more personal?" and the answer to both of these is homemade decor!

Thanks to the array of craft and tutorials on the internet, there is no better to time to try out a huge range of creative ideas! So why not step out of your comfort zone and give a few of these a try!

Embroidery is a wonderful little craft that many people enjoy. It really is the ideal craft if you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing and calming activity. The perfect craft for a bit of me time! It doesn't have to be expensive and it doesn't have to be difficult. You can find loads of fab embroidery designs online to get you started, and materials can be sourced very easily from online retailers or local haberdashery shops. Embroidery is a wonderful hobby to learn, and can be suitable for all different ages, young or old! I remember doing embroidery when I was at primary school actually, and I loved it!

Creating your own wall art can make a huge difference to the overall look of your home, and there are literally a million options to choose from! Whether you sketch, or paint, or collage or create digital art - whether you use a canvas or a frame, create a family portrait, a seasonal display or a motivational quote - the opportunities are absolutely endless! Personally I love motivational prints, but I also really enjoy switching up my home decor for the seasons, so a bold print that stands out is perfect for that!

Painting an accent wall can really transform a room! Perhaps you've got a simple, basic coloured room and you want to really make an impact, accent walls are perfect for this. You could simply paint a brighter, more bold colour onto one wall. That always looks amazing! Or if you'd like to take it a little further and really express your creative side, you could put together a photo wall, or even get your little paint brushes out to create a mural or a statement image. I love the idea of painting a bright vibrant sun, or a sweet rainbow, perhaps for a nursery! 

Time to get your needles out and try something a little different, why not try your hand at sewing some cushion covers or maybe even try knitting a throw!  Sewing cushion covers is a great first activity to develop your sewing skills! There are many different techniques to try, but the envelope type cover is probably the easiest to begin with! Cushions are such an easy way of adding that little finishing touch to a room, and the best part of making them yourself, you can really tailor them to suit your colour scheme! If you'd prefer knitting a throw instead, it's again a great first project to start out your knitting hobby! Whether you are making a thin knit, or a big chunky knitted throw - it again can be tailored to suit your home perfectly! I've been gifted a handmade chunky knit throw in the past, and it's just my favourite thing! Plus, I've always loved the idea of hand knitting a throw! Something I'll definitely be giving a go in the future!

Last but not least, and possibly one for the more skilled of us, why not try updating your home with some gorgeous homemade woodwork projects? If you are just starting out, perhaps you could try whipping up a shelf, or a little indoor planter? Those would be amazing! Or for the more skilled woodworker you could try create a bookshelf, table or even a lovely desk! The opportunities are endless, and handmade wood decor really is beautiful.